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The Team

Mario Mario has worked for Yatlantico since 1975. He holds the post of Foreman. Mario has always worked alongside Paul Erland so has acquired the knowledge necessary to carry out the operation in the manufacturing area. He has the best knowledge on the use of polyester resins and fiberglass, which makes him a reference to answer all kind of questions in the areas of production and processing of glass fiber reinforced polyester.

Angel Angel began working for Yatlantico in the production area in the year 2000. His knowledge and experience of the materials are of great help in his position as Warehouse Assistant. Angel, along with Mario, can answer many questions about the use of polyester fiber. Angel is responsible for receiving, organizing and preparing our sales orders for later delivery to the customer.

Juan Juan is our most versatile worker. He started working in production in 1996 and has helped Mario in many of the great works produced by Yatlantico. He is also responsible for Yatlantico´s truck delivery.

Kate is a member of Yatlantico and since 2011 has held the position of Administrator. During the 1990´s and after finishing her career as in Interior Decoration, she was responsible for the production of artificial marble and granite countertops. Kate is responsible of all purchases of actual and innovative material made for Yatlantico.

Hiedi Heidi is a member of Yatlantico. After her return to the island in 2012, she took charge of the sales department as Warehouse Manager. Heidi is responsible for ensuring that from reception to delivery of the material is performed under optimal conditions. We are preparing our company for the ISO´s 9001 and 14001 with Bureau Veritas and Heidi is in charge that these actions are integrated and properly met.