Our sales staff have manuals which explain in detail many problems encountered during and after the application of the polyester resin and fiberglass. However, here you have answers to the most common questions.


Why doesn´t the resin dry?

With polyester resins you have to keep two things in mind: Drying and curing.

Any polyester resin takes a maximum of 2% and a minimum of 1.5% catalyst MEKP. If you have not used this percentage has not dried resin, and take longer to heal.

Drying: It is time to make the polyester reaction with the catalyst and thus ensure that the surface is no longer sticky. The piece is NOT cured.

Cured: This is the time you need to drop all the polyester content of styrene. It is generally recommended 15 days average temperature of 25 ° C for curing.

Also make sure that the two components are mixed thoroughly before application.


Why doesn´t my Top Coat / Gel Coat dry?

The top coat and gel coat bears the same ratio of catalyst to the polyester resin, minimum 1.5% max 2%.

Why does the Gel Coat wrinkle?

Possibly you have applied a very thin layer of Gel Coat / Top Coat and the styrene has attacked the resin. The ideal thickness is 175 microns.


Why has the Top Coat color in my pool changed?

The most common reasons are:

  • Having applied an insufficient layer of top coat on the surface. We recommend 175 microns.

  • The roller is wet with acetone

  • The application was carried out at temperatures above 25 ° C.

  • The Top Coat and catalyst has not been thoroughly mixed.

  • The proportion of catalyst is not correct. Min. 1.5% up to 2%

  • The humidity is high.

  • The surface was not allowed to cure completely before adding the water. We recommend waiting 15 days average temperature of 25 º C, before filling the pool.


Can thin the polyester with acetone?

We do not recommend this method, since it weakens the resin and it loses its properties.

If thinning is necessary, we recommend mixing in small amounts of polyester resin with styrene, never exceeding 2% of the latter.