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Buying Process


Dear Customer,

We offer a wide range of products for polyester composite. After selecting your products they will appear in your shopping cart. Once you have completed your purchase and entered all your information, we will send you a quote by e-mail with the total purchase and method of payment.

Some of our products have two formats; original manufacturer's packaging and re-packaging. The latter possibility allows us to offer the same original product according to the customers needs. Re-packaged products have the additional cost of the packaging. Our containers are approved for transport.

Our customers have the option to pick up their order at our facility located in the Poligono Industrial de Arinaga in Gran Canaria, send a forwarder to collect their material or request a shipping quote from us for deliveries . This can also be found on our web page under SHIPPING CONDITIONS. Please note that prices on the web, not include taxes or transportation. These are included in the final budget.

Thanks for your purchase!


Please note Yatlantico that is located on the island of Gran Canaria. IMO shipping costs outside Canarian territory can be high. There are two options: Hiring a transportation agency to collect your material or request a quote to Thank you.